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King Of The Retro 2021 Results

The first annual King Of The Retro toynament was named King Of The Hasbro as I thought it would only ever consist of the original WWF Hasbro action figures but recently we have seen an influx of tremendous retro-style wrestling figure companies emerge. Chella Toys and Zombie Sailor Toys are creating some magical figures that fill in the gaps left in the original line as well as expanding our collections beyond our wildest imaginations. Rush Collectibles and Championship Wrestling Figures are on horizon. Not to mention that Mattel's WWE Retro figures are back and better than ever. So I felt it was a logical step to rename the tournament and include as many as I can get my hands on (or money allows). Winners of each match are voted on by you across Instagram, Twitter & Facebook and the results are tallied and the wrestler who receives the most votes moves on to the next round.

This is how the first event went...

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