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Top 10 Most Wanted - WWE Mattel SDCC 2023

It's that time of year again where San Diego Comic Con has come and gone and we've had time to digest all the reveals from the event. I have once again compiled a Top 10 list of what I most want coming out of the event. I highly recommend you see the full gallery of what was shown at this link (this is where all these images are from).

10. Triple H, Chyna, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg (DX)

Retro Tag Team Bundle, Ringside Collectibles Exclusive

Last year the nWo Retro Tag Team Bundle was my number 1 most wanted. Whilst this DX set hasn't quite knocked my socks off the way that the nWo did, there is no denying that this is an awesome set. These Mattel Retro sets continue to impress and I will absolutely be picking this one up too. Also, amazing to see Mattel and Jazwares both making Billy Gunn at the same time!

9. Jimmy Hart

WWE Legends Series 21, Target Exclusive

We've had two Jimmy Hart Elite figures from Mattel already (Hall Of Fame white jacket with hearts & the build-a-figure pink jacket with piano tie) but this WCW Hulk Hogan-managing Jimmy looks incredible. For me, the deco on this suit makes him the best Jimmy Hart figure ever released even if it's not his most iconic outfit. Always happy to receive more WCW figures too.

8. Bray Wyatt

Ultimate Edition Wave 20

I HATED the match that this is from with a passion. The Mountain Dew Pitch Black glow-in-the-dark advert at Royal Rumble 2023 starring Bray Wyatt and LA Knight. WWE showing that they're willing to throw their product in the toilet for the sake of a few extra bucks whilst already achieving record profits. Having said that... WHAT. A. FIGURE. 🤣 This might wind up being my favourite Bray figure.

7. Bret "Hit Man" Hart & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (Hart Foundation)

Coliseum Collection Wave 4, Mattel Creations Exclusive

I've been all in on these Coliseum Collection 2-packs so far and that trend looks to continue with the announcement of the Hart Foundation. I love the addition of the updated LJN tag team championships that originally came with the set back in 1986. Mattel have seemingly had a tough time with Bret's hair too, I feel like the slick back look is always the more aesthetically pleasing of their Brets so I'm glad we're getting this version as an Ultimate release.

6. Yokozuna

WWE Legends Ultimate Edition, Chase, Target Exclusive

I love this colour scheme. I believe it is based on Yoko's debut attire, if so, he should really be completely barefoot but that doesn't take away from this stunning effort. Crazy to think we have never had this colour scheme on an action figure given how toyetic it is. Glad we are getting this in Ultimate form. Presumably we are getting a robe with this too and therefore, I think we're looking at the very best version of a Yokozuna action figure.

5. Fake Diesel

Monday Night War Elite Wave 2, Walmart Exclusive

I can't quite explain why this figure features so high on this list but I do know that I was overcome with joy when I first saw it! I'm a big fan of the obscure figures and I really hope we get a Fake Razor Ramon to accompany this.

4. Captain Lou Albano

WWE Legends Series 22, Target Exclusive

It's been a long time coming and this is a first time in the line entry, one of the most chaotic characters of the '70s & '80s, Captain Lou Albano comes to the Legends Series. The weird cheek piercing and dishevelled hairy appearance makes Albano's look truly one of a kind and I'm so happy we're getting a Mattel figure commemorating this bonkers individual.

3. The Sultan

WWE Legends Series 22, Target Exclusive

Another amazing reveal, I can't get enough of these obscure characters from the mid-nineties. Before becoming Rikishi, Solofa Fatu Jr. was the evil Sultan from the Middle East. The Sultan was managed by the Iron Sheik and Bob Backlund and the gimmick lasted roughly 18 months. This is looking like it will be a beautiful figure and now I really want Backlund and Sheik in managing attires 😬

2. Asuka

Ultimate Edition Wave 20

My personal favourite women's wrestler ever and for a couple of years there I would place her as my favourite wrestler on the planet (man or woman). Asuka has consistently delivered on TV and as good as her multiple figures have been, they have always been light on accessories. This Ultimate Edition release is looking to fix that with an awesome entrance mask and reportedly (finally) a colourful entrance jacket. This one could easily sneak into collections as one of the very best Ultimates releases.

1. Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy / The Executioner

Elite Collection Series 108

Some of my favourite Mattel Elites have been the 2-in-1 figures, Referee Sid Justice/WCW Sid Vicious, Stooges Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson that also come in their wrestling gear and the incredible dual era "Superstar" Billy Graham. This Terry Gordy is going to go so well along side the Michael P.S. Hayes and need to be in his full Executioner gear. For the first time in a long time it feels like doubling up on a figure is an absolute must.

Honourable Mentions

Much like last year, I forced my lovely partner to have a look at the Mattel gallery and give her insightful feedback. She doesn't necessarily share my passion for toys but does know what she likes when she sees it! Initially she wasn't happy that the gallery contained 279 images and refused to do it a single sitting 🤣 The only figures that really appealed to her this year was the 3-packs, the set celebrating Hulk Hogan & the set celebrating 3 generations of the Maivia family in particular..

Hulkamania 40th Anniversary Box Set, Target Exclusive

WWE Generations: Maivia Legacy 3-Pack, Walmart Exclusive

Thanks for reading! Don't forget, you can always use the coupon code CELLAR to get 10% OFF at

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