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About Us

Welcome To The Cellar

Established in February 2022, after decades of collecting and photographing action figures it was time to set up shop and sell collectable figures. It started as a way to free up space so I could continue collecting with the vast amount of awesome figures currently on the market, hailing from all corners of the pop culture and cult multiverses: wrestling, comics, movies.

Deep inside the CELLAR there is a range of rare, hard to find and vaulted collectibles.

When I'm not trying to grow a reliable new online toy store run by a collector for collectors, I earn a living as a graphic designer/photographer and work with Epic Toys here in the UK photographing prototypes, designing packaging and advising in general.

I also officially distribute the action figure lines of our friends FC Toys in the States who have created the awesome Wrestle-Something Wrestlers, Bone Crushing Wrestlers and Comedy Bang! Bang! lines that can be purchased in this very store. If you live in the States, a cheaper option would be buying direct from


So if you’re here to shop, I thank you in advance. Or if you would like to work together or want help with your toy line in any way (photographs or design) then please feel free to drop me an email at


Hope you like the site.

- Richard

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